Quin celebrated in sculpture at Sanlam

Quin celebrated in sculpture at Sanlam
Maureen Quin has been sculpting for most of her life and in her eightieth year celebrates with a retrospective exhibition at the Sanlam Art Gallery.

Maureen Quin celebrates 60 years of sculptural excellence in 2014.

Sanlam Art Gallery
2 Strand Rd, Bellville

30 July – 29 September 2014
Viewing: Monday – Friday 09:00 – 16:30

Primarily a sculptor of the human figure, she dwells on the connection between the human and the primordial and on man’s desecration of his own morality, specifically with regard to animals and to his fellow man. With well over 400 works, 40 commissions, 52 solo exhibitions, 26 group exhibitions Quin is to be ranked in the top echelons of South African sculptors. She is a strong proponent of proportional, physical and skeletal accuracy, most particularly in imbuing her subject matter with soul. Quin is not one to pander to popular art trends, neither is she an artist who has sought the limelight by producing the avant garde.

“My sculptures are not conceptual works, where thought is the main thing and sculptural form is ignored. My sculptures are sculptures first and foremost and they are the result of deep emotional responses to the world around me. They are also not illustrative, they convey their message to the viewer an a more subtle way. They are triggered by human relationships and predicaments and they find expression through the human figure.” Maureen Quin

She qualified cum laude at Durban’s Technikon, followed by study at Goldsmith College in London, 1957, where she also attained distinction. To celebrate sixty years of artistic excellence and success is achievement of rare order.

For more information contact the curator, Stefan Hundt on 021 947 3359 / 083 457 2699.

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