The Gentleman’s Flute

The Gentleman’s Flute

After extensive background studies in London’s daily life during the baroque era, recorder virtuoso Stefan Temmingh decided to dedicate his CD The Gentleman’s Flute to the Handel enthusiasm of higher eighteenth-century British circles.

Anyone who wanted to be considered a “gentleman” had to play the recorder. As opposed to this, the harpsichord was more an instrument for “ladies”. What wonderful opportunities for interaction this resulted in!

The arias of the respectively newest Handel operas were analogous to pop hits, and were played in all conceivable arrangements. The demands on instrumental virtuosity were amazing – and even today, all possible skill is required of recorder players for them to render these pieces with any sort of adequacy.

In the manner of the English music-making salons, Stefan Temmingh has gathered various musician-friends and colleagues in order to revive this fascinating repertoire for the recorder. They have followed him with great joy on the journey to baroque London, a city in Handel-fever.

Handel arias in 18th century arrangements for recorder and basso continuo: Alcina · Amidi di Gaula · Giulio Cesare · Rinaldo · Alexander Balus · Saul · Sonata in G minor

Stefan Temmingh (recorder) - Olga Mishula (psaltery) - Olga Watts (harpsichord) - Domen Marincic (viola da gamba) - Lyndon Watts (Baroque bassoon) - Axel Wolf (lute & theorbo) - Loredana Gintoli -  (Baroque harp).

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