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In order to submit an event listing you must register on the ClassicSA website if you have not done so already, otherwise, simply login.

Listing your event on is easy, all you have to do is fill in all the details of the event and upload a picture, simple as that and best of all, for Free!

Please note, once you have uploaded your event, it will not appear on the What's On calendar straight away. All listings are first checked and edited by the events administrator before it appears on the website. Due to the volume of listings uploaded on a daily basis, this process could take upto 48 hours. It is therefore advisable to post you event well in advance to enjoy the benefits of listing on the What's On Calender.

For an event listing you will be required to supply the following detailed information:

> Name and full description of concert/event 

> Date

> Time

> City/Town

> Venue

> Address

> Bookings

> Organiser/Presenter

> Contact details i.e. tel nr and/or mobile tel nr

> Email and website address (if available).



BEFORE you proceed to Login, please take the time to pay attention to 5 very important points:

1. The PHOTO required to submit with you event listing is very important. It is therefor recommended that you decide on which photo(s) to use and prepare the image(s) for publication before you proceed to login.

Please use the following check-list when preparing the photo:

- A good quality, professional photo is ideal

- Photos featuring persons are better than logos or photos of buildings

- The photo must be in portrait layout (165px X 195px)

- Head and shoulders, as closely cropped as possible

- JPG format only

- File size not bigger than 150k

- Please make sure that the file name of your photo is identifiable and simple. Eg. If the photo is of a pianist called John White, please save the file as a JPG with the following name:  classicsa_john_white_pianist

2. Your event(s) will NOT show on the calendar immediately as all listings are being checked and edited. Depending on traffic, it could take up to 72 hours before it will be visible. Hence, please do not upload the event again if you don’t see it straight away. Simply make sure that you upload your events way in advance to enjoy the benefits of this Free service. Also note that you cannot change a listing after it has been submitted. To do this, you must send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and request the changes.

3. NO CAPITAL LETTERS. Please do not type any words in capital letters. We request that you submit all copy in standard upper and lower case format. It will save us a lot of time when editing the events and we thank you for your assistance in advance.

4. As soon as you are logged in, start with submitting the Date and Time, Type of Event and Province first. Look for the detailed instructions on the form and do take care when doing this, especially when submitting the date and time.

5. NB: Events that are repeated: If your event takes place on 23, 24 and 25 June (3 times) and say you’ve selected 23 June in you listing, the calendar will not automatically show the same event on 24 and 25 June. You have to upload the events separately on each of the other days which means you have to upload the same event 3 times, but each time with the specific date and time. Also note, if you are performing the same event twice on one day (say at 12h00 and 18h00, like at a festival), you have to upload the event twice, for the same day, but different starting times.

More important tips on submitting the rest of the information:

Title of Event: Please choose a short informative title which will attract the eye of the reader. If it’s a piano recital, don’t just type Piano Recital. Do try something like: Piano Recital by John White or John White plays piano works by Bach and Beethoven. It is really up to you as to how attractive you would like to make the event.

City / Town : As requested, but not the suburb

Description of Event : This is the place where you have the opportunity to market your event to the reader. Be as brief and to the point as possible, but make sure that all relevant info is supplied in an interesting, user friendly way. Bear in mind that not all readers and users of the website are classical music fundi’s. Your information should therefore ideally inform and entice both the connoisseurs as well as everyday music lovers.

Venue: Just the name of the Venue/Hall/Room, not the building’s name.

Address: Name of the building which houses the venue (if applicable), the street address, without the postal code. As you have already submitted the town or city, just the suburb now (if applicable). If you have the GPS co-ordinates, submit these details as well.

Event duration : Eg. 75 minutes (no interval) or 120 minutes (with 20 min. interval)

Ticket price: Pls use the following format below (providing your own ticket prices): R100 (gen. admission), R75 (seniors), R50 (students/learners)

Bookings :

- If you are using Computicket or Webtickets, insert their details here.

- If the tickets are sold at the door, just type: Tickets at the door.

- For phone bookings, simply type something like: Please call Anne Green during office hours.

Organiser / Presenter : The name of a person or organization that members of the public can speak to if they need to make contact by phone or email.

Phone number : Only landline numbers. Please submit as : +27 (0)…

Mobile Number : Only cellphone numbers. Please submit as : +27 (0)…

Fax Number : As provided

Email address: The main address for members of the public to use for communication with you or the organization.

Website URL : You website address, if you have one.

Event picture : Photo/Image: Please submit as per guidelines indicated in Paragraph B.1. above.

Date / Time : To enter the date and time of an event, you need to use the AM/PM format. Eg. 10h00 must be 10:00 AM or 15h30 must be 03:30 PM.


Thank you for taking the time to read the above pointers. If you experience any technical problems, you are welcome to call us on 021 461 7617 (during office hours) or send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) . And always remember to send us your press releases about events, concerts, auditions, achievements, competitions, etc. At , all information received is viewed as news and is being considered for possible feature publication!

Published by ClassicSA Media, June 2012



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